Monday, December 12, 2011

Should my Dog be Professionally Groomed?

 Technically, a dog does not have to be professionally groomed.
But, they do need to be groomed.

Many of the short haired breeds are easily bathed at home, and do not require a lot of grooming.

Even most medium length haired dogs can be groomed easily at home.

Most long hair breeds do require regular grooming.
Depending on how much time you have to devote to grooming your long haired dog, some pet owners are able to take care of regular grooming themselves and do a very good job at it.

In my experience most pet owners do not have the time to throughly brush and comb out their dogs everyday.
That is when a Professional Groomer comes in very handy.

 Some owners do not realize just how matted their dog can get.

Even thought this Labradoodles coat is not very long, and the top of the coat appears to be nice and fluffy...

 ... but the coat is matted up close to the skin.

A Professional Groomer will have no choice but to remove the matted coat for the dogs comfort.

 This poor Shih-tzu was left un-groomed for over a year.

He could not see.

He could not walk without the pain of the mats pulling his skin every time he took a step.

This poor dogs tail was cut through to the bone by threads of mated hair twisted around the tail.

This did not happen in a day, or a week, or even a month.

This dog suffered the slow pain of his own hair cutting through the skin, all of the way to the bone.

 The mats under this dogs eyes caused sever sores.

Once again, this did not just happen.

The sore festered and grew over time do to neglect of grooming.

Another reason to have your pet Professionally groomed, is for their nail care.

This poor little Yorkie's nails have grown sideways in order for him to still be able to walk. 

When the nails are forced to grow to the side, it also causes the toes to painfully twist.

In some cases, even after the nails are finally cut, the toes stay twisted for the rest of the dogs life.

 A Professional Groomer can keep your dogs nails clipped and healthy.

 Each dogs nails grow at different speeds just like ours.

Some dogs need their nails clipped once a month, some can go as much as every 3 months before their nails need clipping.

 What are the benefits of having your dog Professionally Groomed?

~ You don't have to get wet and bathe them yourself.

~ A Professional Groomer will clean your dogs ears, and clip the nails.

~ A Professional Groomer will thoroughly bathe your dog with a professional shampoo that is just right for your dogs coat.

~ A Professional Groomer will completely dry your dogs coat so that it is safe to have him/her groomed all year round.

~ A Professional Groomers hands are all over your dog, and will find lumps and bumps that may need to be seen by a Vet.

~ A Professional Groomer can help teach the pet owner how to take care of their dogs hair between grooming's.

~ A Professional Groomer will help keep your dog healthy, clean and looking nice.

~ A Professional Grooming keeps your dog happy. 

Wouldn't you rather pet, hold and play with a happy, clean dog? 

A good Professional Groomer will take the time to answer your questions, and take good care of your pet.

A Note from a Friendly Groomer, MFF