Monday, November 14, 2011

My Puppies First Grooming

We get a lot of calls from puppy owners asking when their puppy should have it's first grooming.

The soon as possible.

No matter whether your puppy is a short hair breed, or a long hair breed, they will need to be bathed and have their nails clipped during their lifetime.
The sooner that you get your puppy used to being handled, the better.

Your puppies first professional grooming should be when your puppy is around 12 weeks old, and no later than 16 weeks old.
By this time your puppy should have gotten it's third series of shots.

Make sure that the grooming salon that you take your puppy to has a groomer that specializes in working with puppies.
It is very important that your puppy's first grooming is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Your puppy may be scared, but that is normal.
You are taking them to a strange place with people that they have never seen before.
Your puppy will also be feeding off  of your feelings.
If you are nervous or worried about leaving your puppy, your puppy will feel this, and be nervous also.

The longer that you wait to have your puppy professionally groomed, the harder it will be for the puppy to accept the process.

 The earlier a puppy starts to get used to being groomed, the more comfortable your puppy will be with being groomed.

If you get your puppy groomed early enough, all they should need is a bath, and their  nails trimmed.

If they are a long haired breed, they could also get the hair trimmed around their eyes, feet and rear.

All this puppy needs is a bath and a light trim.

The first 4 months of a puppies life is when they are discovering new things in their young life.

They come to a new home.
Meet new people.
They are being potty  trained.
Learning what is right and wrong.

This is  the perfect time to teach them how to accept being brushed and bathed.

This puppy is so relaxed with his first grooming, that he has fallen asleep.

If you feel that you are not ready to leave your puppy at the groomer, you can also call a groomer and ask if they will clip your puppy's nails and trim around the eyes while you wait for your puppy.

One last thing...make sure that the grooming salon that you take your puppy to does not allow all of the dogs to mingle with each other.

A note from your friendly groomer, MFF

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